What is Enhanced Client Billing?

Open Sky Group’s Enhanced Client Billing (ECB) captures defined, billable transactions within the Blue Yonder (formerly JDA RedPrairie) Warehouse Management System (WMS), assigns client-specific charges based on the parameters set and creates an invoice. ECB is add-on module that works with the Blue Yonder WMS. No additional servers or licenses needed!

Why would I want to use Open Sky Group’s Enhanced Client Billing (ECB)?

  • Captures all potential revenue – ECB is configured to capture ALL billable transactions that happen within the Blue Yonder WMS.
  • Saves time – No more exception handling hassles.
  • Enhanced capabilities over standard client billing – Billing charges can be received from other systems (i.e., time cards) and consolidated, then billed. ECB also integrates to Accounting systems.

Choose Open Sky Group’s Enhanced Client Billing module to help you more easily and accurately capture all of your billable costs. Contact us today to get started.