JDA RedPrairie Warehouse Management System

Changing over your 3PL?

Changing over your 3PL? Make people, process and technology the focal point for a smooth transition to a new 3PL. This article first appeared in Supply & Demand Chain Executive September 2019 issue. Author: Smital Naik, Open Sky Group In a perfect world, companies would start working with a 3PL and stay with them forever.

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Replenishment refill coffee cup

Warehouse Replenishment – The Best Approach


If you have a warehouse that performs case or each picking, chances are you’re performing some kind of replenishment. The decision to use a particular methodology or mix of methodologies is generally driven by two factors, priorities and restrictions. We’ll cover the primary types of methodologies in this first part and Part 2 will finish

JDA WMS and the Mobile Warehouse

JDA Warehouse Management 9.1 and the Mobile Warehouse


If you haven’t already, take your keyboard, mouse, desk and desk chair and pick them all up and throw them away. So long stationary workplace; hello mobile warehouse! There’s a better solution and the only requirement is fingertips! Okay, maybe that’s a little extreme. All kidding aside, there are more and better solutions including JDA

Open Sky Support Development of Woman’s Cycling


Open Sky Group are excited to support the development of woman’s cycling through our sponsorship of The Women’s Racing Project. “All aspiring riders, of all backgrounds, deserve to be supported in their cycling journey. We hope our sponsorship  will help build a solid platform for a development pathway for women’s cycling which has seen low