Open Sky Group Recognized in Gartner Guide as Specialty Consulting Firm

Acknowledgement as specialty consulting firm adds to a growing and impressive list of supply chain recognition and awards for Open Sky Group The research and advisory team at Gartner, Inc. has recognized and included Open Sky Group as a supply chain execution – specialty consulting firm in Gartner’s May 2018 Warehousing & Fulfillment Vendor Guide. Gartner developed

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Open Sky Group Clients Share WMS Upgrade Success Secrets


Clemens Food Group, Matson Logistics and Toyota Tsusho America part of panel to share tips for rapid implementation, fewer modifications and lower maintenance costs at JDA FOCUS 2018 RALEIGH, N.C. (May 1, 2018) – Open Sky Group, a global specialist in JDA Software solutions, announced its clients Clemens Food Group, Matson Logistics and Toyota Tsusho America

JDA Warehouse Management 9.1 – Users Navigate with Ease


For many of us, there was a day when we realized our cell phone didn’t have a physical keyboard anymore. Those springy buttons were suddenly gone and so was our comfort. It was all new. All different. Along with the change came some surprising results. Suddenly a whole new generation was adapting to these devices as if it were second nature. We were holding video conferences, posting, messaging and launching disgruntled birds at maniacal pigs with ease from these smart devices. Now we don’t miss those physical keyboards and it’s likely the physical keyboard for cell phones will join the ranks of the VCR and Compact Disc.

JDA WMS and the Mobile Warehouse

JDA Warehouse Management 9.1 and the Mobile Warehouse


If you haven’t already, take your keyboard, mouse, desk and desk chair and pick them all up and throw them away. So long stationary workplace; hello mobile warehouse! There’s a better solution and the only requirement is fingertips! Okay, maybe that’s a little extreme. All kidding aside, there are more and better solutions including JDA

WMS Implementation Teams – Getting the Right Mix (Part 1)


WMS Implementation Teams – Roles & Tips In this two part series, we’re going to talk about what we think a typical WMS implementation team should look like and give you tips on getting the right people in those roles. Keep in mind your team might look a little different if you are only going

WMS Systems Integration – Keys to Success (Part 2)


WMS Systems Integration Projects WMS systems integration projects can be where a WMS Implementation experiences delays. As there is at least one integration with every WMS Implementation, it’s important to plan carefully and make sure you’ve got team members with integration experience. Here are the final four key areas to identify and consider: Remaining necessary data elements

Product Dimension and Weight Data – Does My WMS Need It?


Product Dimension, Weight Data in WMS We’re not sure we’ve ever implemented a Warehouse Management System (WMS) without a lengthy discussion of product dimension and weight data for inventory. This article will include some of our common findings and outcomes of those lengthy discussions. But first, the answer to our title question is simple; you