Open Sky Group Experts Discuss AI, Ecommerce and Pandemic

Open Sky Group experts Jeremy Hudson and Scott Dunnington were interviewed in three articles recently for industry publications. They share insight and experiences on artificial intelligence, the e-commerce evolution and the challenges of the WMS procurement process as a result of the pandemic.

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Supply Chain Experts
WMS Upgrade

WMS Upgrade – Five Questions You Need to Ask


Should I upgrade my WMS now?  If you’re asking yourself that question lately, we’ve got the five questions you should be asking yourself in order to get to an answer. Upgrading can get a little complicated because sometimes the differences between an old and a new version of software are so huge that an upgrade becomes more like a new software implementation. So, how do you know when or even if you should upgrade your supply chain software, such as a Warehouse Management Systems (WMS)?

Warehouse Replenishment – The Best Approach (Part 2)


We covered most of the different types of Replenishment in Part 1. Here we’ll finish talking about Top-off Replenishment and give examples and tips for using the methods that might work best for your operations. When does it work best to use Top-Off Replenishment? Top-off replenishment can be run on a set schedule or be batch

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Warehouse Replenishment – The Best Approach


If you have a warehouse that performs case or each picking, chances are you’re performing some kind of replenishment. The decision to use a particular methodology or mix of methodologies is generally driven by two factors, priorities and restrictions. We’ll cover the primary types of methodologies in this first part and Part 2 will finish