Annual Listing Recognizes Open Sky Group Based on Customer Nominations

Open Sky Group is honoured to announce its inclusion in the “Top 100 Great Supply Chain Partners 2018.” It’s the company’s sixth naming to this annual listing that is based on customer nominations and compiled and published each year by SupplyChainBrain magazine. The complete list can be found on “It’s an honour to be named for the sixth

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Labour Management of the Future


Labour management software is on the move. What has long been considered the step-child of the bigger and more robust WMS software is about to steal the spotlight and become the long-awaited tool the supply chain industry needs. Known for its performance score reporting and incentive benefits today, labour management software, or LMS, has slowly

Does Size Matter With Labour Software Like JDA WLM?


One great aspect about working in the supply chain industry is that no two operations are ever alike. Regardless of geographic location, business units, product types or corporate structure, every warehouse has its own unique qualities. One of the most common differences across the supply chain industry is size; facility size that is. When implementing JDA Warehouse